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RFCs that I've contributed to.

Internet Drafts:

Here is a partial list of Internet Drafts.

Papers on Internet protocols:

Note: This list not updated since 2006.

Spagnolo, P. and T. Henderson, Comparison of Proposed OSPF MANET Extensions, IEEE MILCOM 2006 Conference, October 2006.

Spagnolo, P. and T. Henderson, Analysis of OSPF MANET IETF-64 Scenarios, Boeing Technical Report D950-10915-1, March 3, 2006.

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Henderson, T.R., J.M. Ahrenholz, and J.H. Kim, " Experience with the Host Identity Protocol for Secure Host Mobility and Multihoming,IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC), New Orleans, March 2003.

Digital television:

Henderson, T.R., "Results of ATSC DTV Field Measurements in Dallas," Proceedings of National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Broadcast Engineering Conference, Las Vegas, NV, April 2001.

Satellite networking:

P.A. Spagnolo, T.R. Henderson, J.H. Kim, and G.T. Michael, " TCP Gateway Design Considerations for Satellite Link Blockage Mitigation,IEEE ICC 2003 Conference (WCNC), Anchorage, May 2003.

Henderson, T.R. and R.H. Katz, "On Distributed, Geographic-Based Packet Routing for LEO Satellite Networks," Proceedings of IEEE Globecom 2000, San Francisco, CA, Nov. 2000. (also in pdf format)

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TCP in general:

M. Allman, S. Dawkins, D. Glover, J. Griner, D. Tran, T.Henderson, J. Heidemann, J. Touch, H. Kruse, S. Ostermann, K. Scott, and J. Semke, "Ongoing TCP Research Related to Satellites," Internet RFC 2760 (Informational), February 2000.

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Remote sensing:

Henderson, T.R., V.S. Sonwalkar, R.A. Helliwell, U.S. Inan, and A.C. Fraser-Smith, "A Search for ELF/VLF Emissions Induced by Earthquakes as Observed in the Ionosphere by the DE-2 Satellite," Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 98, No. A6, pp. 9503-9514, June 1, 1993.

Book chapters:

Henderson, T.R., "TCP Performance over Satellite Channels," Book chapter contained in Interworking and Computing over Satellite Networks (Yongguang Zhang, ed.), Kluwer, March, 2003

Henderson, T.R., "LEO Satellite Networks," Book chapter contained in Wiley Encyclopedia of Telecommunications (John Proakis, ed.), John Wiley and Sons, December 2002.